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Image gallery contains a select cross-section of Fly Fishing and related images of photography by Jeff Edvalds.

Images on site are all small-file / low-res. Suitable for viewing only.

Most images are available for license as digital / high-res. scans.

All photography herein is registered and protected under the United States and International copyright laws and protections. No photo(s) shall be reproduced and/or distributed by any means including mechanical, electronic, digital capture, duplication and/or reproduction in any form. Any use of aforementioned photographs and/or contents herein without written permission by the sole copyright owner Jeff Edvalds is strictly prohibited and a direct violation of The United States and International copyright law and protections.

Violators of these copyright protections will be subject to legal action and prosecution. Legal proceedings are not limited to sole copyright owner and in many cases will involve multiple filings to include corporate sponsors and licensed clients.

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Richard Whitehead
Been worried about you, haven’t seen you in awhile. We were hoping it wasn’t your wife. If you need anything let me know. We got a bunch of medical equipment.